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 Showcase Rules

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Showcase Rules Empty
PostSubject: Showcase Rules   Showcase Rules EmptyThu Apr 08, 2010 1:43 am


Any disobeying of these rules will be taken care of appropriatetly

1. Title your showcase, "(forum name)'s Showcase", or "(signature's name). For example, Henry's Showcase or Infinite Hackz Banner.

2. When commenting on a showcase, don't just put stuff like "Good" or "I like it". Be specific. Explain why you like or dislike the sig, and be
positive about it. Aka no flaming. Also, if you want, rate from 1-10 with ten being perfect. But remember to explain your rating.

3. The signature size limit is 300 by 500, but use only one picture.

4. No inappropriate pictures, this includes any and all nudity, racism, and prejudice against religion.

5. No spamming, and again, no flaming.

All Admins and Moderators follow these rules. We expect you to also. Thank You.
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Showcase Rules
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